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Micheal Don Shackelford


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University of North Texas (UNT) - ASHRAE Student Branch (link)

Upcoming UNT Student led, Dallas ASHRAE Chapter supported meetings:

11/08 : From  6:30pm to 7:30pm [Steve Kelly : Technologies for Thermal management and controls optimizing the cooling of IT Equipment in data center’s]

12/XX : no defined time window (presenter defined)

Student Activities

Last Updated: November 1, 2016

On behalf of the Dallas ASHRAE chapter we’d like to thank Mr. Tony Casagrande with Campos Engineering for supporting student activities by presenting at last month’s UNT ASHRAE meeting. Without this type of involvement, we wouldn’t be able to support, encourage, and guide the number of students that we currently do. We still need speakers of all backgrounds so please email Micheal Shackelford if you interested in speaking at a student organizational meeting.

Because of this important work our local ASHRAE student body is growing rapidly. We had a great presentation on 10/11 at the UNT campus. Our upcoming meeting at the UNT campus will host Mr. Steve Kelly representing Tech Plan, INC and presenting over “Technologies for Thermal management and controls optimizing of IT equipment in data center’s”. Topics like this help student gain an understanding of what kinds of roles they could play in the industry after graduation.

From our first UNT chapter meeting there was good support from several students who volunteered to participate in a S.T.E.M. activity with some local elementary schools. Now that funding has been approved, arrangements are being made to carry this event out. Anyone wishing to participate in a community outreach targeting 4th thru 6th grade children please contact Micheal Shackelford.

We would also like to encourage those who know student members or who are student members to visit the Dallas ASHRAE web page as well as the ASHRAE web page to apply for yearly scholarships and awards.

The Dallas ASHRAE chapter needs your help with garnishing student interests and promoting Dallas chapter activities. If you know of any students interested in being a member of a student led ASHRAE chapter or establishing an ASHRAE chapter please have them contact: Micheal Shackelford (

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sponsors!!!!  If there anyone would like to sponsor a YEA event, or has any ideas as to where they would like to see the YEA Happy Hour hosted at in the future, please let me know as we are open to suggestions and always looking for sponsors.
  • Mentors!!!!  Please email me if you are interested in being matched with a current engineering student to help him or her investigate a career in the HVAC industry. Mentors are needed to provide insight to young students regarding our industry as well as provide a bridge for those students interested to find a way into the HVAC field.
  • Presenters!!!!  If you have a particular field of expertise and enjoy public speaking I would love to have a conversation with you about opportunities to speak at a local university. Presenters are needed to provide both general overviews of AHRAE and what its function is, as well as more technically focused presentation over specific information within your field of knowledge


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