Dallas ASHRAE Chapter Elections

June 10, 2020
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Virtual Meeting Via Webconference

Dallas ASHRAE Chapter Elections for 2020-2021 Season

We will be holding chapter elections June 10th - next Wednesday.  Only chapter members in good standing will be allowed to vote and will receive a personal invitation to register for the event which will be held online via webconference. This election is the only item on the agenda for this meeting. It's not too late to JOIN so you can help shape the future of the mighty Dallas Chapter!  Click here and be sure to send your membership confirmation to [email protected] (email here) to receive your webinar invite.  Results of the election will be shared on the website and via messaging following an official tally.

PLEASE consider volunteering your time to serve on key committees and chair positions.  If you're a leader in your firm, please consider using the "voluntold" method to nominate your team members, especially the younger folks, so we can have greater participation from the engineers in our community.  The sales reps that are volunteering our time would WELCOME more participation and leadership from the professional engineers and designers that we serve.

Below is a list of currently VACANT positions that we NEED YOUR suggestions and willingness to fill.  Even if you're not willing to commit to an official position, you can still contribute by serving on the committees and acting as back up or the "hands and feet" of these key functions.  If you have questions about the roles' duties, get in touch with us @ [email protected] (email here)

  • Newsletter Chair – Vacant

  • Social Media Chair – Vacant

  • Historian – Vacant

  • Women in ASHRAE – Vacant

SO, we look forward to a great season next year.  With your support and participation, we hope to see many more of YOUR names as Dallas Chapter of ASHRAE volunteers.

Thank you and good luck to our nominees!

Dallas ASHRAE Board of Governors