Written in Chapter Year 2013-2014


As the Dallas Chapter turned 75 years old this year, we focused on recognizing the great importance of our Chapter in the North Texas industry. One way we did this was through recognition of engineering firms, contractors, and manufacturers in the Dallas area who have made an impact on the North Texas industry in the past and present. Each month the newsletter featured a different company and their contributions to the industry and the Dallas Chapter. Many of the companies featured have directly helped design, develop, and build much of the DFW area and we wanted to showcase companies who have helped create and expand our metroplex and industry. Additionally, many of these firms hire from local universities and assist regularly in student activities for high school and college students. Each of the companies featured also have active members in the Dallas Chapter and frequently participate in Chapter functions.

Our November newsletter featured a refrigeration article on the history of the margarita machine, which was invented by Mariano Martinez, the owner of the infamous Dallas restaurant Mariano’s Hacienda. We used this article as inspiration for our historical display for the 2013-14 Region VIII CRC. We have showcased the impact that the margarita machine has had over the years and how refrigeration impacts more than just our industry. This year we also set up a dedicated history section on our Dallas ASHRAE webpage. We have included a previous historical publication detailing the establishment of our Chapter through 1984 as well as pictures and documents of awards that the Chapter has won throughout the years. Also included is a section for yearly recaps, intended to be a brief history of the events, meetings, and awards that occurred during the year. The Chapter meeting minutes as well as Newsletters are also included in the new history section.

While the History committee has made great strides this year, there is still plenty of room for improvement next year. Due to the great response and feedback from the monthly company history article in the newsletter, we will be continuing these with hopes to look for more companies who have contributed to the North Texas industry. Further, we will be looking to fill in the gaps in our Chapter history from 1984 to the present. We will also continue to archive past and present Chapter artifacts and publish these on the Chapter website. And finally, we hope to continue documenting each years’ events, activities, meetings and awards in a brief end of the year summary to better help with future historical documentation.

Click on the below link for a complete Dallas ASHRAE History.

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