Research Promotion
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Matthew Carl Spears

2016-2017 Comprehensive Sponsorship Plan

Dallas ASHRAE is hosting five (5) Research Promotion fundraising events this year.

  1. Top Golf Tournament, October 20, 2016, Top Golf – Allen Location
  2. Bowling Tournament, December 8, 2016, location
  3. Poker Tournament, February 2, 2017, location
  4. Sporting Clay Tournament, March 30, 2017, Elm Fork Shotgun Sports
  5. Golf Tournament, April 17, 2017, location

Dallas ASHRAE Research Promotion fundraising events are excellent sponsorship opportunities for companies to get exposed to many engineers, owners, and contractors in the DFW area.  Your company reaches many key decision makers and sends a strong message of supporting the research that the public relies upon for comfort and sustainability. A big question is why sponsor? First, for every dollar that leaves from Region VIII (our region), Texas gets approximately $7 in return from ASHRAE in the form of research projects being awarded to Texans (University research teams, individuals, companies, etc.). Secondly, these limited express sponsorships give companies and individuals the ability to attend all of the ASHRAE events but only have to worry about paying or signing up once. It also gets exposure to the DFW market that you are dedicated to advancing research through ASHRAE.

The Dallas ASHRAE board is making sponsorship easy by offering levels that include promotion of your company at many chapter events.  If you aren’t able to contribute at one of these levels, specific event sponsorship opportunities will be available.

Please see this PDF for complete details. 

Upcoming research promotion events

Research Promotion